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An alternative to a traditional wedding guest book, our Puzzle Guest Books are a piece of artwork featuring your guests' short and sweet messages for a gorgeous display in your new home.

Many people ask how we got our name. Houston was  full of emergency response and recovery vehicles after the destruction of a hurricane. We drove around town numerous hours to witness the damage the hurricane brought to Texas. The simple fact is that it was inspired by a very large dump truck named “Double Trouble.” Yes, that’s right, a dump truck.. It hit me, that this would be a catchy name for my puzzles!

Each puzzle is hand cut on a quarter inch birch wood. Wedding guests sign the front or back (your choice) of puzzle pieces during your event. After the wedding, clients are left with a timeless treasure of well wishes that many choose to frame and display in their home. Please use the steps below during checkout.

You need approximately one puzzle piece per invitation sent. Why? I have found that this works best instead of waiting for the final guest count. This way you can order early and still be positive that you will have the perfect size. Overall puzzle sizes can be found at the bottom of this page. This takes into consideration the guests that will not attend along with the couples that sign as one. Remember, it’s always best to have a couple too many than a few too short.

  • Keep special pieces at home or aside from guests.

  • Transport your puzzle guest book to and from the venue using a serving tray.

  • I recommend keeping puzzles assembled during the signing process. This way guests sign the correct side.

  • Keep a kiddo nearby to inform guests about the creative guest book signing process and for guests not to take any pieces.


Framing and Display 

The quarter inch thickness allows for puzzles to be displayed using any frame. Shadow boxes work great as well.


Acrylic trays work great to display puzzles on your coffee table or a nearby bar. Seal your puzzle in place with an acrylic top piece. To keep your puzzle from shifting, use small pegs in the frames.


Puzzles can be glued using jigsaw puzzle glue found at any toy store. Do not place on top of photo but only on wooden sides. Do not let it seep in the cracks.

Choosing Your Photo

• Each puzzle piece is anywhere from 2-5 inches. 

• Thickness is a quarter inch.

•If you want the seams of the puzzle cuts to show choose a picture with large areas such as   sky or water. To appear seamless choose many colors, and areas that are busy such as grass. 

• Black and white or color photos are your preference. Both look great!

• Photos with the couple at a distance rather than zoomed in 100% look best.

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